Depressants Addiction Treatment


These are a type of drugs more often prescribed by medical practitioners for serious health issues such as, insomnia or anxiety. However, excessive usage of depressants can also be addictive. Depressants affect the Central Nervous System causing all bodily functions to slow down often giving people a sense of relaxation, an easy escape from stressors. 

While there are many different depressants available especially those prescribed professionally such as Xanax and Valium, the most commonly used substance as a depressant is an alcohol. Similar to depressants, alcohol causes bodily functions to slow down causing the same effects. Excessive usage of depressants can lead to memory impairment, liver damage, higher risk of diabetes, social risks, and most importantly severe withdrawal symptoms which can even be life-threatening at times. Those relying on depressants are actually trying to look away from their troubles; the therapist must use cognitive-behavioral therapies with such recoverees.

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