Stimulants Addiction Treatment


Stimulants are a type of drug that induces a feeling of “high”, an immediate euphoria resulting from an increase in the user’s alertness level, heart rate, and blood pressure. Such drugs produce a sensation of speeding up and are commonly known as “uppers”. These are mostly used as recreational drugs for entertainment purposes especially by teenagers or as performance enhancers by athletes.


However, consistent and excessive consumption of stimulants can eventually become highly addictive. While certain types of common stimulants such as caffeine are less harmful, others like cocaine can be highly addictive with severe consequences. Additional commonly consumed stimulants are ecstasy and methamphetamine. Some serious concerns developed by such drugs are Anxiety, Psychosis, Depression, other health concerns like heart failure and stroke. Therapists can incorporate positive euphoric activities within the recovery plan of those managing stimulant addictions.

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