Treatment Initiation

The first step towards a recovery program is seeking help itself. A person might be referred to rehab due to an emergency situation or voluntarily sign up for it; nonetheless, treatment is initiated as soon as a professional is approached. The initial phase can be daunting as it is clouded by doubts surrounding the path of recovery. A person becomes wary of treatment because it entails a promise of giving up on an addictive substance they often rely on to cope with various stressors.

This phase focuses solely on preparing the individual for treatment and getting rid of all ambivalence surrounding it. The current goal is to psycho-educate a person, to inculcate motivation within them to seek help; this can be done by outlining the positive outcomes of rehab or identifying the negative consequences of drug abuse. Before continuing to the next phase, the therapist deliberately involves the individual in the process of devising a recovery plan to actively engage them in the treatment process.